Pui Lee – Freelance Artist & Arts Educator   www.puilee.co.uk

Working throughout the North of England and Scotland, Pui Lee is an experienced freelance artist and arts educator, who aims to empower others through creativity. She is available for workshops, tutoring, residencies, exhibitions and other creative projects.

Having spent 6 years in art school, Pui Lee is a postgraduate in Fine Art from Cumbria Institute of the Arts, now the University of Cumbria. Her own practice investigates the human condition, exploring personal issues and public interaction as well as notions of well-being – including 5 award-winning Big Draw! events! She has also exhibited her work widely nationally and internationally.

Her interdisciplinary practice incorporates: installation/3D, printmaking, moving image, textiles, drawing, painting and arts ‘n’ crafts; so she is very versatile and has a broad range of skills to offer. Pui Lee has experience of working with participants of all ages (children, youths, adults, families, elderly) including individuals with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. She also has relevant teaching qualifications.

Promoting self-expression, her educational work is informed by her own practice, which uses scale, space and process as a means of making complex ideas more accessible to people. The workshops enable participants to respond and get creative whilst building their confidence and allowing them the opportunity to make that positive contribution to the world.

Pui Lee is also an Arts Award Adviser for Discover/Explore/Bronze/Silver levels so she is able to help children and young people aged 5yrs-25yrs achieve their Arts Award.

Other notes: Pui Lee is also a dedicated martial artist and is a Black Belt in ITF Taekwon-Do. She is also a qualified Personal Trainer and Advanced Fitness Instructor in a range of disciplines. Pui Lee also works as a part-time Art Co-ordinator & Tutor for arts charity LifewithArt in the North East England region.

Chinese background: Pui Lee is a British-born artist with family origins from Hong Kong. She is bilingual, speaking Hakka and English.

 Ricefield workshops with Pui Lee:

Lantern Making, Chinese Opera Mask Making, Chinese Paper Folding, Recycled Chinese Dragons, Contemporary Chinese Art Inspired Workshops (various media) & Other Bespoke Workshops

To book a workshop with Pui Lee, contact Ricefield on: 0141 548 6978 or info@ricefield.org.uk