With Yao Hui

This workshop introduces the history of Chinese photography through Chinese culture and arts with a special focus on Chinese documentary photography and contemporary art photography.  Participants will acquire the appropriate knowledge to inspire and enable them to explore their own project focusing on the local Chinese community.The project can be portrait photography, documentary photography, fine art photography or photography with digital-media. When the project is completed there will be a peer critique and opportunity to exhibit their work in a small exhibition.

Through this workshop the participants will understand the development of Chinese photography, study of the works of a number of well-known Chinese photographers and artists, become familiar with Chinese culture and social status, and have the opportunity to communicate with the local Chinese community.

Photography Course: 6 weeks – 90 minutes per workshop

Week 1: Chinese Photography : A History – Early Photography in China to A New Generation of Chinese Photography

Week 2: Becoming a Photographer: Key Photography Techniques & Tips

Week 3: Photo Assignment – Landscapes or Portraiture

Week 4: Photography Project Review – Pupils bring their photos in and receive professional feedback

Week 5: Post-production and Making Prints

Week 6: Critique and Exhibition

Price per person per 6 week course: £100 adults £80 concessions

For further information or to book your place, contact info@ricefield.org.uk or 0141 548 6978


Yao Hui Photography