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Mid Autumn Festival Workshops

Mid Autumn Festival is a day for moon gazing and enjoying sweet treats with family and friends. The calm night is best accompanied with glowing lanterns that adds warmth to this special day of reunion.

Koi Lantern Making

  • Introducing Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and the significance of lanterns alongside storytelling.
  • Experimenting with Chinese ink brush-work on Xuan paper.
  • Making from scratch a bamboo frame structure inspired by traditional lantern making.
  • An engaging hands-on experience to celebrate cultural diversities.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Participants: Max. 12
Fee: Discount! Now £220

Duration: 1.5 hours
Participants: Max. 25
Fee: Discount! Now £320

Paper Lantern Making

  • Introducing Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and the significance of lanterns alongside storytelling.
  • A taste of paper-cutting, a traditional Chinese folk art.
  • Simple lantern making that creates a beautiful effect with LED lights installed.

Duration: 1 hour
Participants: Max. 30
Fee: Discount! Now £200

Lantern Purchase

Paper Lantern 風琴燈籠 | Available in assorted colours
Large (16cm) £1.50,  Small (10cm) £1

Traditional Red Lantern 布料燈籠 | Height 22cm Diameter 26cm
2 per pack £6

More Information

Fees are inclusive, suitable for all ages, discounted price is valid for orders until 4th October 2017, which is Mid-Autumn Festival this year!

For any enquiries, or to make a booking, please contact

New Artist | Yue Xu

Chinese Calligraphy, Tai Chi, Brush Painting and Chinese Knotting workshop leader


Joining Ricefield from Shanghai with a degree from Xi’an Academy of Fine Art specialising in Oil Painting, as well as Calligraphy, Chinese Ink Painting, Silkscreen print and jewellery design, followed by a Fine Art course at the University of Art London and now studying towards her Masters degree in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, Yue Xu is a new addition to our talented team of Chinese artists.

She was awarded First Class scholarships from 2008-2010 and her work has been exhibited in various exhibitions including Xi’an Academic of Fine Art Sketch Exhibition, Contemporary Art School College Student Exhibition, Guangzhou College Student Fair,  Xi’an Academic of Fine Art ‘Time Evidence’Exhibition and Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery in Glasgow ‘ Word/Play’ Exhibition. Her work is both diverse and creative. She is inspired by her personal experiences growing up in China. Here is an excerpt from an interview regarding her recent exhibition:

At the time of the simplification of Chinese writing movement in China, my father was in his first year 
of elementary school. He said Chinese people need to spend a lot of time to memorize over 4000 
characters. For example, in one semester they learned a lot of characters but by the next semester 
the government published a new way to write certain characters, so you need to relearn them and maybe 
next semester some of these words wouldn't exist anymore. That really confused me about the culture. 
Historically, the Chinese people think that the world really is important, like it was made by the nature. 
But during this time, I was really confused about culture. 

So since my arrival to the UK, the main purpose of my work is not to address serious cultural concepts,
but I do try to use my work to change people's way of thinking about culture. That is why my work always
play around 2 different concepts. For example I have a conceptual framework for inscriptions on bone which
are the earliest forms of Chinese handwriting that we know and a different one for Emoji on iphone. When
I merge these two concepts together into one work such as 'Stone from other mountain', neither works. 
I draw Chinese landscape and write inscriptions with Chinese ink and pasted Emoji on toilet paper which 
express a no borders universality of using Emoji.

YX2Calligraphy Workshops with Yue Xu

I believe people like to use concepts to deal with problems, and this is really a rather lazy 
way of thinking. My works especially bother intellectuals and those who rely on conceptual thinking.
For example 'Spiral', words written by a mirror symmetry. The work makes no sense: the characters
are my inventions, made up of elements of real Chinese characters reconfigured in graphs that 
nobody can read. And then, as a viewer draws closer, everything changes, it is a image which becomes
everything you imagine. And according to my research the development of language like the development
of culture, it progresses like spiral from simple to complex and now go back to simple. In the future,
people will create more new words to adapt to the new life environment.

YX3 Painting Workshops with Yue Xu

New Artist | Pui Lee

Pui Lee – Freelance Artist & Arts Educator

Working throughout the North of England and Scotland, Pui Lee is an experienced freelance artist and arts educator, who aims to empower others through creativity. She is available for workshops, tutoring, residencies, exhibitions and other creative projects.

Having spent 6 years in art school, Pui Lee is a postgraduate in Fine Art from Cumbria Institute of the Arts, now the University of Cumbria. Her own practice investigates the human condition, exploring personal issues and public interaction as well as notions of well-being – including 5 award-winning Big Draw! events! She has also exhibited her work widely nationally and internationally.

Her interdisciplinary practice incorporates: installation/3D, printmaking, moving image, textiles, drawing, painting and arts ‘n’ crafts; so she is very versatile and has a broad range of skills to offer. Pui Lee has experience of working with participants of all ages (children, youths, adults, families, elderly) including individuals with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. She also has relevant teaching qualifications.

Promoting self-expression, her educational work is informed by her own practice, which uses scale, space and process as a means of making complex ideas more accessible to people. The workshops enable participants to respond and get creative whilst building their confidence and allowing them the opportunity to make that positive contribution to the world.

Pui Lee is also an Arts Award Adviser for Discover/Explore/Bronze/Silver levels so she is able to help children and young people aged 5yrs-25yrs achieve their Arts Award.

Other notes: Pui Lee is also a dedicated martial artist and is a Black Belt in ITF Taekwon-Do. She is also a qualified Personal Trainer and Advanced Fitness Instructor in a range of disciplines. Pui Lee also works as a part-time Art Co-ordinator & Tutor for arts charity LifewithArt in the North East England region.

Chinese background: Pui Lee is a British-born artist with family origins from Hong Kong. She is bilingual, speaking Hakka and English.

 Ricefield workshops with Pui Lee:

Lantern Making, Chinese Opera Mask Making, Chinese Paper Folding, Recycled Chinese Dragons, Contemporary Chinese Art Inspired Workshops (various media) & Other Bespoke Workshops

To book a workshop with Pui Lee, contact Ricefield on: 0141 548 6978 or

Chinese Arts & Culture for Schools

Ricefield’s education team offer your school or group the unique opportunity to deepen understanding of Chinese arts and culture.

Not only do we provide a range of Chinese merchandise for schools to create their own arts and crafts activities, we are also able to deliver a wide range of cultural workshops in your desired venue.

Our workshop programme is delivered by specialist tutors and we pride ourselves on provision of a high quality service that supports effective practice in the classroom and delivery of the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes, particularly within expressive arts but also in health & well-being and literacy & English.


Our Programme
At Ricefield we understand schools have different needs so whether you’re looking for a workshop, a cultural day or an extended programme of activities, we are happy to discuss the variety of ways we can deliver a unique cultural experience to your students. Click here to find out the range of workshops we offer.


2 Hour Workshops
Our menu of hands-on workshops are designed to introduce specific aspects of Chinese arts and culture, suitable for beginners they can be adapted for any age range. Workshops are priced from £150 per 2 hour session with or without materials and travel costs outside of Greater Glasgow are charged at an additional cost.

Cultural Days
Cultural Days are popular with schools particularly around Chinese New Year. They offer a fun and inspiring way to engage the student body in themes related to China and Chinese culture. This can be a combination of different workshops or an event performance.

Extended Programmes
Our bespoke Extended Programmes can be tailored to include a variety of workshops or focus on development in one particular art form. For example, over a six week period, students undertaking lessons in Chinese Dance can have the experience of learning a choreographed piece culminating in a performance.

If you require a Cultural Day or Extended Programme please contact Ricefield to discuss your requirements and the costs, however, these will be similarly priced based on £150 per 2 hour session with or without materials. In all cases travel costs outside of Greater Glasgow are charged at an additional cost.


‘Thank you very much for the great afternoon your workshops provided for Grange pupils and staff from Grange Campus and Prestwick Academy. The pupils had an excellent time and were very productive. They also have great pieces to continue working with in their next Art and Craft classes. The team was excellent and I commend you for pulling together such a talented team.’

February 2010: Margaret Harper, Head Teacher, Grange Academy


For more information, you can contact Ricefield on

Please fill in the enquiry form below to check workshop availability. A member of the team will be in touch within 1-3 working days.




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About the Artist | Yan Wang

Yan Wang (Morica)

Yan Wang is a visual artist working in paintings, installations, drawings and video. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2009 and is now is a resident artist at the WASPS Artist Studio at The Briggait, Glasgow.  Yan has combined rich Chinese culture with a contemporary western context in her visual art practice. Her paintings are exhibited widely in the UK, France and China, including the London Art Fair and the Beijing Art Festival. Specializing in paintings, she has developed links between many Scottish and Chinese artists at various international art festivals, university programs and art culture organizations, such as the 2nd International  Qi Baishi Art Festival in China with Ricefield, Chinese Artist Association, Hunan Xiangtan University, Scotland National Portrait gallery, Perth Art council and Perth museum. She is experienced teaching traditional Chinese arts workshops within schools, community and arts organizations across Scotland.

About the Artist | Julia Hung

Julia Hung

A Graphic Designer by profession, Julia trained and worked in Hong Kong in various Graphic Design Studios and Advertising Companies. She has also worked as an Illustrator in various publishing houses in Hong Kong. Julia moved to Glasgow in 2000 and has been active within the local Chinese community ever since. She started volunteering as a language teacher at the Glasgow Chinese School Stow College, and in 2008, took up the post of Deputy Head Teacher. She has also started working as Examiner and Scrutineer with the Scottish Qualification Association.

It became apparent to Julia that the local Chinese community were in need of channels to profile their culture and traditions. In 2004, Lin Chau and Julia set up Ricefield Chinese Arts and Cultural Centre, to promote Chinese arts and culture to the wider communities in Scotland. Julia has remained committed to the organisations development throughout the past 6 years.

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