This summer Ricefield partnered with SURGE to produce a brand new street theatre performance. Overseasoned was developed from working with Glasgow’s Chinese and multi ethic communities, and used original characters and design. The walkabout piece featured a group of clumsy chefs causing chaos in the streets of Glasgow, and was performed at Glasgow Mela and the Merchant City Festival.

Ricefield volunteer Ulyana was part of the performance team:

‘My experience with street theatre started because of Glasgow Mela 2017. To describe it simply as ‘good’ would not do it justice, every time I tell the story it is a little different. I have been inspired by being part of something so unusual, funny and interesting. Before visiting Glasgow this year I had never taken part in this kind of activity, it was something new to me; a new challenge for myself and my capacities.

During the street theatre performance I got to try a completely new profession, I became a chef. Unfortunately though, not a very good chef. The kind of chef who should probably be in a different kind of job. However, it was really very fun. When you get to ‘try on’ another life or profession, no matter if it’s positive or negative, it’s always exciting. From this new perspective you can see an absolutely different side of yourself.

The most important and memorable part of the street theatre, of course, was the audience. When you can see smiling faces and feel the joy of other people, and know that it is thanks to you, the feeling is priceless. It’s a great feeling to know you can improve someone’s day through your role.

Taking part in this performance has given me really wonderful memories. Having a chance to be an actress, and sample another life, was amazing. I would recommend street theatre to anyone. I have already tried it, now, what about you?’.

Chinese Craft Fair

Ricefield Arts is now holding Chinese craft fairs, bringing Chinese arts and culture to local communities around Scotland. At these events, you’ll have the chance to purchase a range of traditional Chinese items, as well as authentic snacks. We also exhibit artworks by local artists inspired by Chinese art practice. On top of that, you’ll have a chance to watch East Asian crafts in action, including calligraphy, origami or kite making. You might even catch a Chinese music performance!

Below is a selection of photos from our craft fair at in collaboration with Gilded Lily in Govan. Check back on our events page, or on our Facebook for more information about upcoming fairs.


Chinese Street Theatre with Surge

Recruiting VAF Project Volunteers

VAF Project – A New Initiative for Ricefield Arts & Cultural Centre

Ricefield has developed a plan for 2015 and early 2016 which involves diversification and development of the services we provide. We have been conducting extensive research into the changing needs of the Chinese community in Glasgow and have decided to focus on the following areas: Volunteering, Older people, and Welfare & Benefits Advice

Our research has highlighted that these are areas where few Chinese people are accessing mainstream services but where there is growing need. Our initial project will involve the recruitment and training of volunteers particularly from within the Chinese community who fall within these demographics or who display an interest or experience of working with these client groups. The volunteers will initially support the research and development of  two particular area:

  1. Senior Social Activities Club
  2. Welfare and Benefit Advice within Community

 The volunteers will form part of a research and development team under each project area and will receive an induction, governance training, learn about project development and how to conduct community research/consultation into their chosen area of focus. Volunteers will develop the services supported by our Volunteer Project Coordinator with the clear aim that they will take ownership of their chosen project area (either older people’s services or Welfare and Benefit Advice) long term using Ricefield’s resources and connections.

The project will look to involve young people 16-25 as well as older people up to 65 in this project to enhance and improve intergenerational relationships. The young people can help in either project and will be supported to work towards ‘Saltire Awards’ and enhancing their CVs.

The recruitment of  volunteers in the VAF Project is ongoing and will carry on to service for those in need to beat isolation within our community. We are now recruiting:

  • Senior Social Activities Coordinators – To create, plan and organise activities such as Chinese and Asian Arts, Music, Calligraphy, Plant seedlings, incorporate with Ricefield Workshops to run the once fortnightly sessions within the local Chinese Elderly Centres and other Community Groups in Garnethill and North of Glasgow area.
  • Event and Community Coordinators – To help with planning, setting up of Events, liaise with participant groups, communication and public relations work.
  • Researchers on Welfare and Benefits Advice– To assist and develop the work of liaison in between clients / users with Welfare Benefit Advisers from public sectors, such as NHS, Citizen Advice, DWP, Job Centres, Referrals, etc. based on one to one sessions.

Please sign up on the Volunteer page or e-mail info@ricefield.org.uk and state the particular roles from the above you are interested in. Thank you for volunteering with this diverse and meaningful project to help beat isolation within our older community members.

CCA Cooking Pot Project

Ricefield is really proud of partnering with CCA Glasgow to bring events as part of the Cooking Pot Project.


Upcoming events:

Ricefield Chinese Potluck Dinner (Vegetarian) at The Project Cafe, Wednesday 9th December, 2015 at 18:00

Ricefield’s Chinese Potluck Dinner focuses on the sharing of Chinese food, recipes inspired by the past and present Glaswegian Chinese community and the stories surrounding it. We invite the community to bring your homemade Chinese dish and enjoy a good meal with others. Whether it’s soup, rice or noodle dish or dessert, come with a prepared dish and share your story.


We are building a community project centred around the design of a Ricefield Chinese & Community recipe book and we would love you to be a part of it by contributing your recipe and story of your favourite Chinese dish. Please e-mail info@ricefield.org.uk your recipes or to get involved in the design!
Please note: As The Project Cafe is a vegetarian cafe, all dishes must be vegetarian. Thank you for your cooperation.

Free – RSVP here


Past events:

Dumpling Night at The Glad Cafe, Tuesday, 15 September 2015 from 19:00 to 22:00

Discover the broad variety of regional Chinese dumplings and the family traditions that are embedded within their preparation, through their different techniques, flavours and assorted styles.Learn, discuss and participate in the preparation and cooking of the dumplings, and of course end the evening with enjoying the tasty selection of dumplings that you and others have made!

Click here to buy tickets!


Chinese Bakery at bakery47, Monday, 28 September 2015 from 18:00 to 21:00

As part of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, family and friends gather to offer and share the special baked festival food – mooncakes. At bakery47 learn about the symbolic importance, variety of styles, flavours and most importantly skills involved in making mooncakes. This is also an opportunity to discuss Chinese baking, its range of products and cultural influences, and of course an opportunity to taste test too! – Book tickets here


Ricefield Garnethill Community Dinner at The Project Cafe, 134 Renfrew St, Sun 4 October 2015 6pm, Free


To find out more about the premise of the project and all of the other exciting events and groups involved click here



Do you love cooking or eating Chinese food? If so please get in touch with us to discuss how you could be part of our Ricefield Recipes/ CCA Cooking Pot projects and videos!  e-mail us at info@ricefield.org.uk



Takeaway China Spring Programme 2015!

takeawaychina_programme2015 2

Ricefield Chinese Arts and Cultural Centre presents TAKEAWAY CHINA,

our spring programme celebrating Chinese film, art and crafts.

By attending the diverse range of events and activities, you will be able to ‘takeaway’ a slice of Chinese culture. We especially want to thank our partners this year: The Glad Café, Dumpling Inn, Creative Cargo-Glasgow Sculpture Studio and LocoFoco for all their support and inspiration!

To book activities, please contact: Ricefield at info@ricefield.org.uk or call 07889459672

LIAOLIAOBA!   聊聊吧! Interested in Chinese culture and looking to make friends whilst exploring new places in Glasgow? Come for a blether at our new travelling culture cafe LiaoLiaoBa! (Chinese for let’s chat about it!) Whether you speak Chinese or English, as long as you like to chat you are welcome!

Date: Sat. 28th March Time:  2-4pm Cost: FREE Venue: St Mungo’s Museum

TEA AND CALLIGRAPHY Learn the art of Chinese calligraphy in among the wonderful smells and tastes of some of the world’s oldest teas. Not only will you get to taste various teas but you will get the opportunity to experience traditional tea ceremony with your new friends.

Date: Tues 24 March/28 April/26 May/23 June Time: 10.30-12.30 Cost: £80 (all 4 sessions) Venue: Kung Fu Tea- Haymarket Edinburgh

Competition | Design a Bookmark for Book Week Scotland

Send us a picture of your Chinese knotting charm bookmark design by 24th November and you could win a Ricefield goodie bag and 5% off your next order!

Order your Chinese knotting charms to get involved – only £1 with special discount code “BOOKWEEK14” – all you need is a strip of card with a hole punched at the bottom for your knotting charm!

Contact us now on info@ricefield.org.uk or 0141 548 6978 to order yours!

Book Week Scotland bookmark


Competition | Design a Mask!

Send us your Chinese themed creations with our Paper Opera Mask by 31st October and you could be in with a chance to win a Ricefield Gift Pack and 5% discount off your next order! We’ll post the top 3 creations on our website and Facebook page for all to admire!

Order your Paper Opera Masks now to get involved!

Need some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board for some Chinese inspired mask ideas.

Paper Opera Mask

Ricefield Club | ShuChong Book Club 书虫!

What is ShuChong?

ShuChong (meaning Bookworm in Chinese!) is Ricefield’s new, free monthly Book Club to read books by Chinese authors or books with Chinese cultural themes.

  • Read our club-selected Chinese themed book each month
  • Share opinions over a nice cup of tea in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Be part of a circle of like-minded, friendly people
  • Our bookworm HQ: Hillhead Library

To join ShuChong Book Club, please contact: info@ricefield.org.uk 

Our next meet up will be:

Galloping Horses by Xu Zechen (translated by Helen Wang) – Wednesday 26th November at 6pm at Hillhead Library

Crescent Moon and Other Stories by Lao She – Wednesday 29th October at 6pm at *Hillhead Library

~Having a wee break for the summer holidays! Write in your suggestions for our next ShuChong book!~
Red Sorghum by Mo Yan – Wednesday 28th May at 6pm at *Hillhead Library* (348 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8AP)
River Town by Peter Hessler – Wednesday 23rd April at 6pm at Hillhead Book Club (17 Vinicombe St, Glasgow G12 8BE)
Boy in the Twilight by Yu Hua – Wednesday 19th March at 6pm at Hillhead Book Club (17 Vinicombe St, Glasgow G12 8BE)
Have a browse of some short stories by Chinese writers:
Dragonworld by Zhang Xinxin, translated by Helen Wang
Old Man Xinjiang by Xue Mo, translated by Nicky Harman
The Accident by Murong Xuecun, translated by Harvey Thomlinson
The Curse by A Yi, translated by Julia Lovell
Woman Fish by Dorothy Tse, translated by Nicky Harman
The Goldfish by Qiao Mai, translated by Liu Jue
The Monk of Flower Temple by The Bucket Rider (骑桶人)


  • 从阅读了解中国
  • 喝着茶,谈天说地
  • 结交志同道合的朋友
  • 相聚: Hillhead Library

联系我们: info@ricefield.org.uk

Ricefield Club | LiaoLiaoBa! Travelling Culture Cafe 聊聊吧!

Are you interested in Chinese culture and looking to make friends whilst exploring new places in Glasgow?

Come for a blether at our new travelling culture cafe LiaoLiaoBa (Chinese for ‘let’s chat!’)

We meet every month in a different cafe in Glasgow with a different conversation theme to encourage Scottish/Chinese cultural exchange in a fun environment. Whether you speak Chinese or English, as long as you like to chat you are welcome!

To join LiaoLiaoBa, contact: info@ricefield.org.uk





联系: info@ricefield.org.uk

Thanks to those of you who made it to our previous LiaoLiaoBa! Our next meet up will be on:

Sunday 30th November at 2pm at Biggar’s Cafe, 273 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3HQ

Sunday 26th October at 2pm at Cafe Circa, 322 Crow Rd Glasgow, Lanarkshire G11 7HS

~Having a wee break for the summer holidays! Write in your suggestions for our next Liaoliaoba cafe stop!~

Sunday 1st June at 2pm at Cafe Hula, 321 Hope St, Glasgow G2 3PT

Sunday 27th April at 2pm at Biscuit, 17 Skirving Street, Glasgow G41 3AB

Saturday 29th March at 2pm at Tchai Ovna, 42 Otago Lane, Glasgow G12 8PB

*Launch* Saturday 15th Feb at 12pm at Feast Restaurant, 292-298 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JA



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