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Ricefield delivers workshops throughout Scotland, but please note that any workshops outwith the Glasgow area may require an additional transport fee.

Simple Crafts

Max. 15 | 1 hour | £150

Chinese knotting is a beautiful form of communication enhanced with blessings. Participants will get to learn more about the origins of knotting as a craft, as well as how to understand the symbolic messages hidden within. They will then have the opportunity to make their own simple ornament.

Max. 25 | 1 hour | £150

Origami is a traditional form of paper folding, with a history in China of almost 2000 years. Participants will learn how to make small paper sculptures, following a set theme. This workshop is ideal for beginners and  intermediate level learners.

Paper Lantern Making
Max. 25 | 1 hour | £150

This workshop is great for large, varied groups. Participants will learn the simple craft of paper lantern making, as well gaining an insight into the role of lanterns in Chinese culture in this colourful workshop. 

Max. 40 | 30 min | £150

Papercutting is traditional folk craft, where cutting is drawing. Participants will explore this intricate craft through creating their own symmetrical Chinese characters and colourful shapes.

Opera Mask Painting
Max 20 | 1 hour | £150

Opera masks are an important element of Chinese opera, where colours and shapes are used to tell stories and create characters. Participants will learn more about the cultural significance of this art form, and design their own mask to take away.

Willow Lantern Making
Max. 20 | 1 hour | £200

Lanterns are very significant in Chinese culture, and are an integral part of various rituals and festivals. Our original lantern workshop explores this history as well as various styles of lantern. Participants will also be introduced to willow, a perfect material for creating intricate frames due to its malleability. 

Musical Instrument Making
Max. 20 | 1 hour | £150

This workshop uses recycled household materials to make Chinese rattling drums and mini drums, like those used in festival celebrations.

Miniature Zen Garden Making
Max. 10 | 1 hour 30 min | £250 | 12+

This relaxing one hour workshop guides participants to make their own personalised zen garden, alongside other small models. The miniature gardens will be created from small stones, plants and sand; a perfect setting for a candle.  Sand art will also be explored, using a small tools to create transient patterns on the surface.

Pattern Making and Sewing Workshop
Max. 7 | 1 hour 30 min | £200 | 12+

Participants will design their own patterns, based on traditional Chinese fabric, and then use both simple screen printing and sewing techniques to bring their designs to life! It’s a fun way to develop some sewing abilities, and the difficulty level can be adjusted for each group.

Traditional Art

Chinese Ink Painting
Max. 20 | 1 hour | £200

Chinese painting is an embodiment of important philosophies of Chinese culture. Basic techniques of painting will be introduced, including balancing ink with paper and understanding the beauty of white space. This workshop can be adjusted to all levels of ability, please specify the group’s experience with Chinese painting when booking.

Chinese Calligraphy
Max. 20 | 1 hour | £200

Chinese calligraphy is a form of artistic expression. Participants will be introduced to the art form through a short history, before learning to write simple Chinese characters in a variety of styles using ink. They will also take their own calligraphy set (brush and mat), to practice their new skills at home!

Chinese Fan Painting
Max. 20 | 1 hour | £200

Learn the foundations of Chinese ink painting, and apply these to hand fans to create a beautiful, practical and personalised object. Participants will each be supplied with a blank fan, and will have the chance to learn about the significance of fans in China’s long history.

Experimental Art Projects

Kite Making
Max. 15 | 1 hour 30 min | £270

Chinese kites were man’s first encounter with the sky, having been created in China as early as 5 BCE. Participants will make their own kite structure from scratch using bamboo, before being inspired by Chinese dragon mythology to decorate their creations.

Koi Lantern Making
Max. 15 | 1 hour 30 min | £270

The koi fish is a symbol of strength and overcoming adversity, and is valued particularly for its attractive pattern and easy coexistence with the human environment. The workshop offers an experience of connection with this fish — through stages of stillness and meditation, participants will create a koi lantern, layered with personal patterns using simple brush strokes. The structure will also be created using basic bamboo sculpting techniques. This immersive workshop is a great balance of craft and a different approach to design and making.

Evolving Chinese Vocabulary with Book-Making
Max. 15 | 2 hours | £250

This workshop explores the development of Chinese characters, from simple pictograms to today.  Participants will be encouraged to consider evolving meanings and usage, and will create a small book utilising traditional Chinese binding techniques and marbling.

Making Patterns with Lino/Woodblock Printing
Max. 10 | 1 hour 30 min | £270

Patterns are everywhere in our daily life, natural and manmade; what do these shapes and forms signify? Through an introduction to the origins and symbolism of Chinese patterns, participants will be guided to design their own meaningful pattern, and make their own print using block printing techniques.

Wellbeing and Movement

Tai Chi
Max. 20 | 1 hour | £150

Tai Chi is a form of martial art that places emphasis on strength through slow and steady movement, and connection with the inner-self. Regular practicing will lead to the capable control of qi, an intangible energy that flows through all life forms. This workshop will introduce some basic steps as a foundation for further tai chi practice.

Cooking Workshop
Max. 20 | 1 hour 30 min | £250

Participants will put their hands to use making steamed Chinese buns (baozi) and dumplings (jiaozi). A focus on healthy diet will be incorporated into the workshop, with an introduction to the different properties of food from a Chinese perspective, as well as the role these foods play in celebrations. Where possible, ingredients will be seasonal and local.

Tea Tasting
Max 15 | 40 min  | £150

Our trained artist will perform a traditional  tea ceremony, before giving participants the chance to taste a selection of authentic Chinese teas and learn more about tea history and culture.

Group Packages

Chinese Experience Day / Workshop Programme
Max. 25 per session | 45 min per workshop | £550

Select 4 workshops from the following list to be incorporated into a tailor-made programme: knotting, origami, paper lantern making, willow lantern making, paper cutting, opera masks painting,  musical instrument making, tea tasting, Chinese ink painting, Chinese calligraphy.

Simple Craft Drop-In Workshop (available weekends only)
Max. 100 | 4 Hours | £350

Hire Ricefield for your event! From our craft station, drop-in participants can choose from a selection of simple Chinese crafts, each lasting no more than 5 minutes. This is a great opportunity to sample a variety of techniques, and introduce Chinese culture to your celebration.

Select 3 workshops from the following list:  simple Chinese painting, paper lanterns, origami, bookmark making, dragon puppet, fan making, Chinese calligraphy taster, simple paper cutting, red envelope making.