Tea Ceremony for Book Week Scotland 2017

On December 2nd, Ricefield hosted a tea ceremony with a literary twist for Book Week Scotland.

In Glasgow’s Project Cafe, Ricefield artist Clarinda led us on a tea journey, where we had the chance to sample five authentic brews, as well as learning more about the first book written about tea in China: Cha Jing by Lu Yu.

Take a look at our cosy evening:


Volunteer 义工



There are regular volunteering opportunities at Ricefield. If you would like to propose a period of volunteering in order to gain valuable experience and be added to our volunteer database, please fill in the form below or contact: info@ricefield.org.uk

苗圃华人文化艺术中心经常提供不同种类的义工机会。这是一个吸取宝贵工作经验的良机,如有兴趣报名, 请填写以下表格或发电子邮件至:info@ricefield.org.uk


Archive | Self – Pamela So

Pamela So January 2005 Pamela So was the first artist to exhibit at Ricefield (Surface, 2004) and in partnership with Glasgow Metropolitan College, initiated the first arts education project, aimed specifically at young Chinese people. The work was subsequently exhibited at The Burrell Collection in 2005.

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