Workshop | Book Week Scotland – Legends of China

Thank you to everyone who attended our lovely afternoon of storytelling. We hope you enjoyed learning about legends of China and making bookmarks for your own storybooks! 


Celebrate Book Week Scotland with our free storytelling workshop with Fong Liu inspired by Chinese legends on Saturday 29th November from 2pm – 4pm at GoMA Library (Gallery of Modern Art (lower floor) Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow G1 3AH)

Limited spaces available, so book your place now by contacting us on: or 0141 548 6978

Book Week Scotland2014


Workshop | GSS Creatures of the Canal Paper Folding | 21 Sept

Thank you to everyone who came along, what a lovely afternoon in the sunshine!  The canal was sparkling and brilliant paper canal critters made by all!

GSS 21st Sept

Workshop | Paper Dragons 龙舟 | Dragon Boat Festival 31 May

Thanks to everyone who came to our Origami Dragon Boat workshop on Saturday – the sun was shining and the dragons sparkling!

TFW Saturday 31st May


With Pui Lee

Dragon Boat Festival 龙舟節 (also known as Duan Wu Festival 端午節) is said to have originated from the legend of a beloved minister and poet who threw himself in the Miluo River – the local people raced out in their boats to rescue him. Dragon boat races now take place every year all over the world.

To celebrate Dragon Boat Festival, Ricefield is holding a mini Origami Dragon Boat workshop at The Falkirk Wheel on Saturday 31st May at 1pm

Bring the family along for a fun afternoon of origami paper boat making with our artist Pui Lee to build your very own Dragon Boat and sail them on the mini canal for a unique experience at The Falkirk Wheel! Lovely ready-made Dragon Boats will also be available for only £2.

Contact or 0141 548 6978 to book your FREE place

Many thanks to Falkirk Council Community Grant Scheme for their support.




地点Falkirk Wheel,免费!

预定:发邮件至 或拨打 0141 5486978

Paper Dragons Workshop 31st May    Chinese Paper Dragons Workshop 31st May

Many thanks to Falkirk Council Community Grant Scheme for their support.

West End Festival Parade | 8 June

Thanks to everyone who came to our Chinese inspired costume workshops, which were featured at the West End Festival parade.

Have a peek at the photos of the parade on our Facebook page!




Ricefield is excited to announce our new project led by artist Pui Lee at Bridgeman Arts Studio to create a Chinese themed display at the West End Festival parade on Sunday 8th June.

Don’t worry if you missed our WEF workshops (Saturday 3rd May,  10th May, 17th May & 24th May from 2pm – 4pm at Bridgeman Arts Studio at the Old  Schoolhouse Pub, 287-315 Woodlands Road G3 6NG – 2 mins walk from Kelvinbridge Subway), you can still take part in the parade on 8th June!

If you’d like to get involved in our West End Festival parade display on Sunday 8th June, contact:  or 0141 548 6978



6月8日格拉最热闹的文化节-West End Festival,快来参加苗圃“方阵”的狂欢节游行


The Old Schoolhouse Pub,311 Woodlands Rd, Kelvingrove, Glasgow,G3 6NG


WEF workshop May

New Artist | Yue Xu

Chinese Calligraphy, Tai Chi, Brush Painting and Chinese Knotting workshop leader


Joining Ricefield from Shanghai with a degree from Xi’an Academy of Fine Art specialising in Oil Painting, as well as Calligraphy, Chinese Ink Painting, Silkscreen print and jewellery design, followed by a Fine Art course at the University of Art London and now studying towards her Masters degree in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, Yue Xu is a new addition to our talented team of Chinese artists.

She was awarded First Class scholarships from 2008-2010 and her work has been exhibited in various exhibitions including Xi’an Academic of Fine Art Sketch Exhibition, Contemporary Art School College Student Exhibition, Guangzhou College Student Fair,  Xi’an Academic of Fine Art ‘Time Evidence’Exhibition and Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery in Glasgow ‘ Word/Play’ Exhibition. Her work is both diverse and creative. She is inspired by her personal experiences growing up in China. Here is an excerpt from an interview regarding her recent exhibition:

At the time of the simplification of Chinese writing movement in China, my father was in his first year 
of elementary school. He said Chinese people need to spend a lot of time to memorize over 4000 
characters. For example, in one semester they learned a lot of characters but by the next semester 
the government published a new way to write certain characters, so you need to relearn them and maybe 
next semester some of these words wouldn't exist anymore. That really confused me about the culture. 
Historically, the Chinese people think that the world really is important, like it was made by the nature. 
But during this time, I was really confused about culture. 

So since my arrival to the UK, the main purpose of my work is not to address serious cultural concepts,
but I do try to use my work to change people's way of thinking about culture. That is why my work always
play around 2 different concepts. For example I have a conceptual framework for inscriptions on bone which
are the earliest forms of Chinese handwriting that we know and a different one for Emoji on iphone. When
I merge these two concepts together into one work such as 'Stone from other mountain', neither works. 
I draw Chinese landscape and write inscriptions with Chinese ink and pasted Emoji on toilet paper which 
express a no borders universality of using Emoji.

YX2Calligraphy Workshops with Yue Xu

I believe people like to use concepts to deal with problems, and this is really a rather lazy 
way of thinking. My works especially bother intellectuals and those who rely on conceptual thinking.
For example 'Spiral', words written by a mirror symmetry. The work makes no sense: the characters
are my inventions, made up of elements of real Chinese characters reconfigured in graphs that 
nobody can read. And then, as a viewer draws closer, everything changes, it is a image which becomes
everything you imagine. And according to my research the development of language like the development
of culture, it progresses like spiral from simple to complex and now go back to simple. In the future,
people will create more new words to adapt to the new life environment.

YX3 Painting Workshops with Yue Xu

Evening/Weekend Course | Chinese Photography

With Yao Hui

This workshop introduces the history of Chinese photography through Chinese culture and arts with a special focus on Chinese documentary photography and contemporary art photography.  Participants will acquire the appropriate knowledge to inspire and enable them to explore their own project focusing on the local Chinese community.The project can be portrait photography, documentary photography, fine art photography or photography with digital-media. When the project is completed there will be a peer critique and opportunity to exhibit their work in a small exhibition.

Through this workshop the participants will understand the development of Chinese photography, study of the works of a number of well-known Chinese photographers and artists, become familiar with Chinese culture and social status, and have the opportunity to communicate with the local Chinese community.

Photography Course: 6 weeks – 90 minutes per workshop

Week 1: Chinese Photography : A History – Early Photography in China to A New Generation of Chinese Photography

Week 2: Becoming a Photographer: Key Photography Techniques & Tips

Week 3: Photo Assignment – Landscapes or Portraiture

Week 4: Photography Project Review – Pupils bring their photos in and receive professional feedback

Week 5: Post-production and Making Prints

Week 6: Critique and Exhibition

Price per person per 6 week course: £100 adults £80 concessions

For further information or to book your place, contact or 0141 548 6978


Yao Hui Photography

Workshop | Cheung Chau Bun Festival 包山 | May

With Myra Ip Mei Kan and Donna Vivers

Celebrate Cheung Chau Bun Festival from 3rd – 7th May with our new arts and crafts workshop of felt bun making, bun decorating and bun tower creation! This festival began as a way to ward off evil spirits who plagued Cheung Chau Island near Hong Kong with disease but is now an ongoing annual festival celebrating different aspects of Chinese culture  – the highlight being the bun snatching competition climbing enormous bun towers!

Group Price of up to 25 people (including materials): £150.00

For individual price enquiries, please contact

bun towers


Workshop | Tea Ceremony + Tea Tasting | 30 March

Pre Qing Ming Tea Pre Qing Ming Tea Chinese

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