Chinese Vegetarian Potluck Dinner

Here is a recap of our Chinese Vegetarian Potluck Dinner from Ricefield Volunteer, Laura Matheson:

“On Wednesday 25 May, I joined Ricefield at the Project Cafe for their annual vegetarian potluck dinner, carrying my tupperware of spring onion pancakes. The cafe was a great spot in the evening sunshine and the smell of fried noodles was very inviting, as was the over flowing dessert table! This year’s event was part of CCA’s Cooking Pot, and the variety of dishes we shared was definitely in keeping with this programme. Marie, our Chair, welcomed our guests from all over Glasgow, before we gave our own introductions. Ya Hong very kindly brought two dishes, a cucumber salad and potato pancakes, while Else showed off her husband’s excellent, Malaysian-inspired coconut dessert. Family played a part in Marie’s dish also, with her mother offering a helping hand earlier for her red bean soup. Chantel’s traditional Emperor’s Rice Pudding doubled as an art project, where she sent us home with the recipe and challenged us to rival her cooking skills. Sadly, Bella and I were newbies to Chinese cooking, but there wasn’t much of our pancakes and shredded potatoes left at the end of the night either! My favourite part of the dinner wasn’t just the food, but having a chance to share the memories attached to our dishes and to learn more about each other. And of course, home cooked food is the best kind of food. I think we can say for sure that no one left hungry, and that we were all a little inspired to try to bring a bit more of China into our cooking.”


Workshop | Tea Ceremony + Tea Tasting | 30 March

Pre Qing Ming Tea Pre Qing Ming Tea Chinese

Archive | Journey to the west: the Chinese Scottish chronicles

5 June – 16 September 2006
Journey to the West: the Chinese Scottish Chronicles was an extensive exhibition on the Chinese community in Scotland. It was a historical narrative about their immigration, establishment and contribution to the Scottish cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee and others today. The aim was to promote multicultural pride and understanding of the Chinese people in a Scottish society. It also encouraged the audience to explore their own family and cultural history. The exhibition exhibited a wide range of artefacts, photograph/images, visual media and fine art collected from the Chinese Scottish community.
‘Journey to the West’ main exhibition @ Ricefield Gallery 5th June to 16th Sept
Event Opening and Performance June 6 @ Wing Hong Chinese Garden
‘Stepping Back’ photography exhibition by Grant Reid June 5 – July 6 @ Wing Hong Centre
Chinese Crafts Stall and Chinese Dance at the West End Festival June 11
‘Journey to the East’: Chinese Cooking and Children’s Art Workshops June 17 @ Hidden Gardens, Tramway Glasgow.

Archive | Shanghai – Sunday

Keith Ingham
5 – 26 May 2006
Keith Ingham was born in Grimsby and studied in Norwich and Ottawa, Canada before settling in Glasgow. Ingham’s new portfolio of photographs emerged from an embrace of colour and digital imaging with which he turned his attention to a study of people. Transitory gestures and expressions revealed the mysterious dimensions of relationships and interactions; gestures and expressions the complexity of feelings and intentions. “The everyday becomes intriguing”.

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