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Dragon Boat Festival Music Concert | 端午节华乐演奏会

June 25, 2020 at 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


We’re celebrating Dragon Boat Festival with an evening of traditional Chinese music – join us from home at our free online concert.

Our Scotland-based performers will be showcasing traditional Chinese instruments, including guzheng, guqin, pipa, bamboo flute, erhu, as well as opera singing. You’ll hear songs from both China and Scotland, as well as learning more about the history of Chinese music and this unique cultural festival.

我们诚邀您参加这场独特的线上音乐响宴, 以传统乐器 (古筝,古琴, 琵琶, 笛子, 二胡等) 独奏的方式和大家一起欢庆端午节

Visit our EventBrite page to register for a free ticket. The concert will be hosted on Zoom, you’ll receive further details in your ticket confirmation email.

We are delighted to have a joint Dragon Boat Festival celebration with our event partners Confucius Institute for Scotland and Scotland-China Association. This event is supported by Corra Foundation, as part of our Wellbeing project.


View full downloadable PDF here: Dragon Boat Festival Music Concert Programme


1. Peking Opera 传统京剧表演 : Wo Jia Po《武家坡》选段

Performer:Dr Quan Gu / 顾全博士


2. Pipa (Lute) 琵琶独奏 : Liu Yang River《浏阳河》

Performer: Yinuo Liu / 刘羿诺


3. Guzheng 古筝独奏 : Fishermen’s Song at Eventide 《渔舟唱晚》

Performer: Jingliang Chen / 陈晶亮


4. A Flute Solo 长笛独奏:The Butterfly Lovers《梁祝》

Performer: Mingxuan Liang / 梁轩铭


5. Erhu 二胡独奏 : Lady Meng Jiang《孟姜女》

Performer: Lawrence Dunn


6. Hulusi 葫芦丝独奏 : Dragon Boat Melody 《龙舟旋律》

Performer: Lawrence Dunn



7. Guqin 古琴独奏 : The Moon at the Fortified Pass 《关山月》

Performer: Yan Shi /史妍


8. Bamboo Flute 竹笛独奏 : Journey to Gusu 《姑苏行》

Performer: Haoyan Zhang / 张浩岩


June 25, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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