Ricefield was delighted to open our new Chinese Community Library in October 2018. Housed in Baltic Chambers, we hold a diverse collection of Chinese and English language books related to Chinese culture, art, history, philosophy, medicine and much more.

The library is part of our When Red, Go Green project, funded by Climate Challenge Fund. The library offers a space for community workshops and events, as well as promoting a circular economy through the sharing and reusing of resources.

The library room is open weekly on Wednesdays, 12-7pm. It is also the venue for a range of Chinese culture and climate change events and workshops.

The room is also available throughout the year for hire. Located in the city centre, close to transport links and offering competitive rates, it is the ideal locations for meetings, workshops and small events. Find out more here.

You can join for a free as a member at the library or via the When Red, Go Green website. To find out more about the project and the collection visit their dedicated website [no longer active].

We are seeking donations to expand our collection. If you are interested, please contact our When Red, Go Green team to arrange delivery.